Webinar: Workforce Development as a Corporate Resiliency Strategy


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About this Webinar:

The pace of business disruption, innovation and opportunity is moving faster than ever. Organizations that survive and thrive are those that derive business agility from a future-looking workforce development effort and a culture of learning.

Join our panel of experts from IDC, Nelnet, and edX as they discuss:

  • The emerging vulnerabilities, challenges and opportunities IDC has identified that businesses should expect to face in the next 5 years
  • How industry leaders making workforce development central to resiliency strategies and building competitive advantage for the future
  • Real-world examples of how workforce development strategies are being tapped to build new skills and competencies in the enterprise, develop the next generation of leaders, and meet recruiting and retention objectives


Amy Loomis, Ph.D., Research Director, Future of Work

Sheri Norfolk, Senior Training Developer Nelnet 

Allison Gemelke, Senior Corporate Trainer, Nelnet 

Dianna Berisha, Director of Customer Solutions & Operations, edX 

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