Simplified learner-centered integration

Enterprise learning your way. Use the edX learning management system or bring your own platform.


Deliver, track, and measure employee learning with the edX learning management system (LMS)

The edX platform offers a simple and efficient set-up process, with advanced real-time learning analytics and budget-management functionality.

Skills planning made easy

Discover the skills and competencies your employees are focusing on developing the most on edX, and measure their progress against advanced labor-market trends.


Learning pathways informed by analytics

Create job-relevant learning pathways for your employees.

Our courses, in your learning system

edX can plug into your existing learning management system, learning experience system and single sign-on systems, thus enabling you to track and measure learner progress, and increase the effectiveness of your learning investments.

“Partners include Netflix, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Dell, KPMG, Sony, Haleon, VW, Goldman Sachs, Cognizant, Whirlpool, and Accenture”

Seamless access to learning for your employees

Give your employees access to our courses, on your terms: in your environment, through our tried and tested edX integration process.

Accelerate the work force of the future with edX