Learner Credit

Set a budget that can be allocated to any learners within your organization and benefit from increased efficiency. Avoid the pitfalls of low utilization micro learning libraries.

How does Learner Credit work?

1. Set a budget

Set your spending limit upfront and take advantage of preferential pricing. Allocate a portion of your budget to specific catalogs and set an optional per-learner spend limit.

2. Choose your catalog

Select from off-the-shelf academies in key skills areas or give learners access to the edX content portfolio including course library and executive education.

3. Use the edX portal or your own

Our support team is ready to help with all configuration requirements.

4. Assign courses to learners

Assign specific courses or executive education presentations directly to learners or provide credit to learners to self-select courses and enroll automatically. Funds are deducted once the learner completes enrollment.

5. Track and measure

Track utilization and monitor learning trends within your admin dashboard.

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