Build a future-ready workforce

Provide transformative learning solutions that equip public service professionals and empower your citizens with the essential skills they need to meet the future of work.

1.1 billion jobs will be transformed by technology in the next decade1

Close the skill gap and build a competitive workforce with our innovative solutions.

Upskill and empower your workforce

Ensure government employees have the skills they need to drive success within their communities.

Drive efficiency

Effective management

Responsible leadership

Accelerate social mobility and empower communities

Transform your local or national workforce with public workforce development programs and help improve their prospects of employability.

Drive growth with world-class content

edX partners with 250 of the world’s leading universities and industry-leading organizations

MIT, Harvard, Caltech, Stanford, Google, Meta, AWS, IBM logos

Closing the digital skills gaps with the UK Department for Education (DfE)

In order to combat the growing digital skills gap in the United Kingdom (UK), 2U Inc., the parent company of edX, partnered with the UK DfE to give 1,200 learners in the region no-cost access to an online boot camp in front-end web development.

Fuel the future of your workforce and equip your communities with the tools they need to succeed.

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  1. Reskilling Revolution: Preparing 1 billion people for tomorrow’s economy. (2023). World Economic Forum. Retrieved September 08, 2023. ↩︎