Executive education: A people-centered learning experience

Our cohort learning executive education programs are designed to promote collaboration and engagement within a group of participants who share a learning journey.

Offered in collaboration with the world’s top ranked universities1

Executive education programs offer world-class content aligned to critical business topics.


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Bring business context to life through people-mediated learning

Throughout the course learners access high-quality content applicable to their business context, and further their learning by engaging in discussion forums with their peers.

Learn alongside a global network of working professionals

Learners introduce themselves by sharing their context, and build connection and community throughout the program.

Learners engage in class-wide discussions of relevant case studies and the merits of different approaches. They also share with their peers best practices and strategies, as well as real-world experience and personal reflections.

Learn from and engage directly with faculty and industry experts

Learners work through weekly written assessments where they receive personalized feedback from teaching teams which enables them to apply content in their work context. In addition, content is further contextualized through live sessions with teaching teams, and insights from industry executives, complemented by a wealth of case studies, frameworks, and reusable templates.

Top courses based on 2023 enrollment numbers

University of Cambridge (CISL) Business Sustainability Management online short course

The London School of Economics and Political Science MBA Essentials online certificate course

Oxford Executive Leadership Programme

Economist Education Professional Communication: Business Writing and Storytelling online short course

Oxford Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme

University of Cambridge (CISL) Sustainable Finance online short course

The London School of Economics and Political Science Data Analysis for Management online certificate course

Harvard VPAL Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age online short course

Yale SOM Executive Education Women in Leadership Program

University of Cambridge (CISL) Business and Climate Change online short course

Where does executive education fit into your organization’s learning strategy?

Micro-learning libraries are often at the center of most learning content strategies in organizations, but don’t always promote high engagement. This is especially true for senior employees or other professionals working on complex business problems. They require more than just skill acquisition; they need to cultivate and enhance their capabilities.

Is it possible to tailor courses to meet your specific needs?

Work with our learning design team to tailor programs that really drive home your organizational context and focus. Plus, find out how executive education can fit your organization’s needs, from dedicated cohorts to tailored live sessions.

Choose the plan that suits your needs best

  • Avoid the challenges of low-engagement micro-learning libraries.
  • Make an initial, upfront single payment to purchase Learner Credit funds. Allocate these credits to anyone within your organization.
  • Learner Credit can be redeemed against any learning solution throughout the contract term.

Content and reporting

Simplified learner-centered integration

edX Learning Management System (LMS)

The edX platform offers a simple and efficient set-up process, with advanced real-time learning analytics and budget-management functionality.


Supported by our solutions team in integrating with your existing LMS or learning experience platform (LXP) and single sign-on (SSO) systems.


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