Webinar: Learning post-COVID-19 — Are you ready? Think again!


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About this Webinar

This webinar was hosted by Chief Learning Officer Magazine and led by Udit Bhatia, Head of Learning at EY India and sponsored by edX. Please enjoy and see description below. 

COVID disrupted the learning industry to a great extent — and not just a single function. It represented a 360-degree turnaround for organizations and institutions, learning leaders and their teams, learners of all ages, freelance trainers, external coaches, technology platforms, service providers and many more such enablers. The good news is that the experience challenged conventional beliefs toward formats, created opportunities for new entrants, gave flexibility to learners to take charge, disrupted some of the business models positively to adapt to circumstances and also tested the agility of learning functions and leaders. However, there were some aspects that took a hit, like reduction in learning investments, in-person experiences, learning application, peer-to-peer networking and many established third-party service providers struggling to even sustain the lull periods.

As we move out of COVID, what will be the new balance — the new S-curve — and how will the learning industry adapt to this change once again? This webinar will focus on some of the hypotheses the professionals associated with learning can preempt, allowing them to do a quick sense check of their own ecosystem and take back a few suggestions on how they can adapt to yet another disruption.

Learning objectives:

  • Comprehend the learning shift — the pandemic changed this industry.
  • The big shift in the future — disruptions are not over yet.
  • What is keeping CLOs up at night — dilemma or delusion?
  • What can everyone do — now, next and beyond.

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