Webinar: eLearning for Industry 4.0 Readiness


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires your organization to develop critical skill sets quickly. Learn more about the newest courses and programs on edX to make your company Industry 4.0 ready.

The age of automation is here. Connected intelligence is bringing about the overhaul of systems and technologies and ushering in new ways of working, new products and services and, essentially, changing how business is done at unprecedented speed. This transformation requires that companies adapt at the same pace, delivering the knowledge and skill sets critical to organizational success – –  if not outright survival. 

Download this FREE webinar, where edX curriculum experts introduce NEW content from the top institutions and organizations in the world and that deliver the knowledge and skill sets required by Industry 4.0.


  • Technologies for digitally-enabled businesses
  • Using predictive analytics to solve business problems
  • Foundational programming skills for everyone in the org
  • Modernizing for 5G
  • Leadership, data and decision making in the digital world
  • Human-Computer Interaction

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