The science of doing: Learning that sticks


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Corporate leaders routinely identify new skill development in support of Digital Transformation as a key priority for their organizations. With so much emphasis on transformative change and the continuing need to develop new capabilities in every organization, where does superficial learning play a role, and where are organizations focusing on deep learning? What kinds of learning activities translate into new capabilities to support business needs?

Hear from expert Dr. Nina Huntemann about deep learning methods that enable real capability-building, and how Mercer, in partnership with edX, is experimenting with non-traditional types of just-in-time as well as deep learning to build lifelong learning habits and new skills.

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Dr. Nina Huntemann
Senior Director of Academics and Research at edX Inc.
In her role at edX, Nina enables edX’s 140+ university and corporate partners to design and deliver effective learning experiences online and at scale. She also works closely with edX product delivery teams to build evidence-based teaching and learning tools for the Open edX platform.

Elizabeth MacGillivray
Global Strategic Learning Leader at Mercer
As Global Learning Leader in Mercer’s Talent & Inclusion COE, Elizabeth leads design and development of strategies and solutions to ensure relevant skill development of a global workforce.

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