The Key to Enterprise Agility: A Culture of Learning


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Agile companies can react faster, adapt more rapidly to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape and leverage new ideas for a competitive edge, resulting in increased innovation. A recent Deloitte study found that companies with a continuous learning culture are more than 46 percent more likely to be first to market, 36 percent more productive and 92 percent more likely to innovate. Further, these organizations tend to be 30 percent more likely to be market leaders in their industries for an extended period. They also succeed in creating cultures where people are empowered through technology to evolve, adapt and drive change more effectively. Join CLO for this conversation among leaders in learning and higher education as they explore why a culture of learning is the key to unlocking the agility that companies need in times of change and volatility.


  • Ruth Steyn, Vice President, Program Strategy, 2U/edX
  • Marian Cook, Head Managing Instructor, 2U
  • Ellana Venn, Associate Vice President HR – Learning & Organizational Development, Geotab
  • Hillary Miller, Chief Learning Officer, Penn State Health


  • Sonia Malik, Global Program Director – IBM SkillsBuild, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM

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