Three Key Steps Towards a Transformational Culture of Learning

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Go beyond the buzzwords and learn how to truly achieve a culture of learning. The new white paper, Three Key Steps Towards a Transformational Culture of Learning: Shifting From Investment to Scalability, is full of real-world examples, data, and expert insights. Learn the three key approaches leaders must take to implement and scale digital learning in a way that sticks, is applicable across the org and supports building a sustainable culture of learning. 

“Investment is an important step but does not guarantee success. Training pilots and kick-offs are only half the battle. Scalability demands solutions that deeply instill the culture of learning and dynamic capabilities within the organization. This is where eLearning holds unique potential.”

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How companies like Ford Motor Company use eLearning to develop skills that are the foundation of future work
  • Ways to leverage natural and strategic connections to grow your content offerings, build communities of learners, and reinforce learnings, including a sample development plan
  • How to develop a mindset and practice of lifelong learning across your organization
  • And more.

Co-authored by Daniel Mark Adsit, Principal Consultant at Mergence Systems, and edX For Business

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