Navigating the Workplace in the Age of AI

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Eager to know what today’s CEOs really think about the future of AI?

We surveyed hundreds of them—and their perspectives may surprise you!

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About the Report:

Across all industries, the rapid development of new technologies is driving the need for employees to learn new skills. One skillset that’s quickly becoming essential is Artificial Intelligence, or AI. 

To help business leaders, HR/L&D executives, and other professionals better understand how AI will impact the world of work, edX partnered with Workplace Intelligence to survey 800 C-Suite executives—including over 500 CEOs—and 800 knowledge workers.

Discover how the C-Suite and other top executives are responding to AI’s rapid growth in this in-depth edX report.

A sample of key findings:

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Download the white paper for full details—and to learn why a strong focus on AI will help leaders future-proof their businesses and workers advance their careers.

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