Building Online Learning Pathways to 7 Essential Skills

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As a leader, you know that businesses and employees are under pressure to rapidly upskill to meet the demands of a more automated, digital, pandemic-transformed world. But how do you identify which skills are most critical and effectively develop them in your teams and people? At edX For Business, our mission is to help you bridge that gap with expert insight on the skills of the future and guidance in developing structured upskilling opportunities.

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  • Discover the seven essential types of skills that will help your company not only stay competitive, but lead your industry to be agile and adaptable in the evolving world of business. 
  • Get insight into how you can develop effective learning pathways with edX courses and programs to help you upskill, retain, recruit, and reorganize your employees. 

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Human Skills

Business Communications
Business Writing
Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

Project Management

Six Sigma
Software Engineering Essentials
Agile Software Development


Introduction to Marketing
Digital Strategy and Action
Creative Coding

Computer Science

Cloud Infrastructure
Introduction to Linux
Python Basics for Data Science

Business & Leadership

Inclusive Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership Toolbox
Data Analytics for Business

Data Science & Analysis

Data Science Tools
SQL for Data Science
Analytics for Decision Making

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