Program Spotlight: ISCEA’s Sustainable Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program

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March 30, 2022

There is a growing global push toward sustainable practice driven by consumer, government, and industry pressures. The United Nations has released Sustainable Development Goals to drive change and commitment to sustainable practice before 2030. According to a Deloitte report, COP26 and the Paris Agreement Commitments will lead to a focus on supply chain decarbonization, reduction in emissions, and supply chain transformation to meet environmental goals.

In today’s world, our markets for goods and services are so interconnected that it will take global transformation to make significant progress toward sustainable practice. Fortunately, sustainability in the supply chain isn’t just good for the environment—it’s good for business, too. Sustainability within the supply chain doesn’t force businesses to compromise profit in the long term. In fact, optimization of supply chains to maximize value and minimize waste will allow markets to be both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Make Sustainable Supply Chain Your Organization’s Next Competitive Advantage

The Sustainable Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program from the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) empowers employees to develop expertise in integrating both sustainability and professional supply chain knowledge. This program helps organizations develop their next generation of leaders in this in-demand field and bridge the gap between supply chain and sustainability. Professionals with a strong background in the supply chain will benefit from sustainable education and incorporate it into their practices. And professionals with a sustainability background can also develop supply chain expertise. While the lessons in this program can apply to any type of business, it’s especially valuable and applicable to professionals in the supply chain, manufacturing, sustainable business, and service industries.

The program, which is designed for mid- to upper-level professionals, consists of three courses that deliver a comprehensive understanding of supply chain sustainability, including circular economy practices, and fosters decision-making to fuel a “green supply chain” that benefits the planet and your bottom line.

Additionally, this program prepares learners with resources for the ISCEA certification exam (for those interested in earning the Internationally recognized CSSCP designation), and will highlight real-world examples, including case studies of relevant industry practices, to demonstrate current innovation in the supply chain industry.

Employees who complete the ISCEA program will bring new sustainable strategies for the supply chain process (production, sourcing, distribution) and foster a commitment to reducing wastes within the supply chain to your organization. With multiple professionals educated in a sustainable supply chain among your ranks, expect a seachange across your enterprise as leadership and the organization as a whole experience – and advocate for – sustainable processes that benefit the environment and support your company’s success and longevity.

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