Financial Services Skill Highlight: Data Science

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October 7, 2021

As one of the industries most affected by pandemic-induced disruptions and acceleration of digital transformation, it’s no surprise that data science is a top skills area that financial services companies are investing in.

Read on to learn how fellow financial services L&D professionals use data science courses to develop relevant, mission-critical skills in their organizations.

Growing Data Science Teams & Cross-Company Capabilities

With data science roles in high demand, competition for talent is fierce. Reskilling your existing workforce into data science roles, with capabilities in machine learning and big data, and arming employees across functions with data analysis skills can:

  • Save resources and costs spent on hiring
  • Improve retention rates
  • Increase productivity
  • Accelerate your organization’s competitive edge


According to a Harvard Business Review article, one global professional services firm found that the billing rates they could charge for consultants who had been through a data analysis upskilling program went up 3%, “more than justifying their investment.”

Popular edX Data Science Courses

From advanced Excel to machine learning and big data, explore a sampling of data science courses and programs from the world’s top universities used by financial services organizations.

“I have finished six courses so far related to data analytics. I transferred the knowledge I got to my team and colleagues and we implemented new tools in Power BI for cell performance analytics both for EGA and for an external client. Now, analysis which took a few hours can be done in minutes.” – Manager, Modelling, Technology Development, & Transfer, EGA

Learning That Takes You From Keeping Pace to Staying Ahead

Investing in learning platforms and programs designed to build on-the-job capabilities in data science, business, computer science, and more is a critical component of driving company and employee success.

Learn how your organization can take advantage of edX For Business’s expert guidance, flexible online platform with advanced analytics and customization features, and catalog of top courses and programs to take your team from keeping pace to staying ahead.

Accelerate the workforce of the future, with edX

Whether you’re a business leader, L&D executive, or other professional, we offer compelling data and insights for why an outcomes-based skills program is key to succeeding in tomorrow’s workplace.

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