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Designed for high-performing individual contributors, managers, and team leaders, this selection of professional courses delivers the executive trends and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s businesses.

Employees will learn online with leaders from around the world, sharpen their leadership skills, and help make a positive impact in your organization.

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Available Executive Education Courses:

Business Analytics Fundamentals for Leaders

From: Babson College

Length: 4 Weeks
Effort: 4-6 Hours Per Week

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About this Course:

This foundational business analytics course will provide you with the hands-on skills and practical knowledge needed to be able to analyze, present findings, and make meaningful conclusions about data in a business setting.

This course will help employees refresh their data analysis skills and master how to effectively apply them, adding strategic value to your business.

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Connected Strategy: Maximizing Customer Engagement in the New Normal

From: Wharton University

Length: 6 Weeks
Effort: 3-4 Hours Per Week

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About this Course:

What if there was a way to turn episodic transactions with customers into long-term, continuous relationships and simultaneously drive dramatic business growth?

Experts Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch show how connected strategies can reveal new sources of competitive advantage.

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Leading Digital Supply Chain Transformation in the Post-COVID-19 Era

From: UT Austin & Boston University

Length: 6 Weeks
Effort: 3-5 Hours Per Week

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About this Course:

Learn the fundamentals of making strategic supply chain decisions with digital transformation, societal and political shifts, and business model innovations including leadership skills, frameworks, and tools for championing these decisions with top management.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship

From: Columbia University Business School

6 Weeks
3-5 Hours Per Week

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About this Course:

In today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing world, it is critical now more than ever for businesses to continue to develop and innovate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Through this course, organizational leaders and executives will master the concepts, tools, and application opportunities needed to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of their efforts to create new businesses from within their firms.

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