Improving Hiring Initiatives

The talent landscape is changing rapidly. Hiring
for your critical roles and widening skills gaps has
never been more challenging. edX can help with
innovative strategies and a broad skills
development product portfolio for recruiting
and talent management.

Percentage of enterprises that report finding diverse candidates with appropriate qualifications is the biggest challenge to achieving their DEI goals.

How edX For Business Helps Your Company Improve its Hiring Initiatives

Open Courses and Professional Certificates

Tap the edX open courses catalog to up-skill and re-skill staff to fill critical skills gaps

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Boot Camps

Train-to-hire: enroll candidates who fall short of minimum requirements into Boot Camps to rapidly upskill in advance of hiring them – perfect for improving DEI initiatives or filling entry level technical roles.


Tap into Degree programs to ensure your staff and candidates achieve and maintain required credentials for Nursing and Social Work.

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Allen Shaheen, 

Executive VP at Cognizant

“College graduates come out of the gate with great knowledge and problem-solving skills...but they don’t yet have the specific targeted capabilities that allow us to place them on projects and be productive straight away. Our relationship with 2U has helped bridge that gap with higher education”

Read how Cognizant uses boot camps to recruit job-ready employees

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