Webinar: Building blocks of workforce preparedness and employability

About this Webinar:

Why flexible, accessible, transferable and relevant continued learning and skill development are crucial to meeting the constantly and quickly evolving skills demanded by employers. 

The “must have” skills for business success and workforce employability are constantly – and quickly – evolving. As organizations lean into people development as their next great competitive advantage, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that your learning programs are creating job-ready employees and graduates. New approaches to credentialing beyond traditional training programs and degree paths give L&D leaders the tools and confidence to know that their employees  - and talent pipelines - possess the competencies they require.

Join our panel of experts from IBM, Credly, and edX as they discuss:

  • How leading organizations are leveraging badges, certifications and other digital credentials to develop the workforce of tomorrow
  • Alternative credentials as pathways to job readiness and more opportunities across society 
  • Lessons and best practices to implement in your own company or university


Jim Daniels, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Credential Strategy and Operations, IBM Training and Skills

Pete Janzow, Vice President, Business Development, Credly 

Lee Rubenstein, Vice President of Business Development, edX

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