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Introducing edX For Business:
edX For Business delivers an on-demand learning experience built to help companies grow and thrive.

The edX For Business learning platform supports companies of all sizes to upskill, reskill and train their workforces with high-quality digital learning content available from top institutions, in subject areas relevant to their business today and in the future.

Upgrade Your Corporate Learning Strategy


Education benefits to attract and retain top talent.


Additional skills they need to be promotable and retained.


The latest in-demand skills to improve employee value and future promotability.

Corporate Responsibility

Investing in the well-being of employees and the community.

¿Por qué edX para Negocios?

EdX para Negocios ofrece una plataforma de aprendizaje empresarial líder en la industria creada para ayudar a que las empresas aprovechen al máximo su capital laboral.

Contenido de cursos relevantes para la empresa

Seleccionados teniendo en cuenta las necesidades específicas de la empresa.

Fácil implementación

Soporte técnico y de cliente para una implementación más rápida.

Rentable & escalable

Paga solo por lo que usas. Alcance global a $0 de costo marginal

Datos de aprendizaje accionables

Datos de comportamiento y resultados de los estudiantes para impulsar la toma de decisiones y mejorar el rendimiento

About MicroBachelors Programs on edX

Created by edX in a unique partnership with innovative colleges, universities, and corporations, MicroBachelors programs are a series of college classes that have been customized and grouped together to meet the real-world needs of employers. For learners, this means their education quickly pays off with relevant skills for the workforce, while also leading to long- term success as a pathway toward earning a Bachelor’s degree - the universally recognized standard of undergraduate achievement.

MicroBachelors programs are designed to simplify the process for learners to utilize their achievements beyond immediate work needs, such as cutting out hassles like undergraduate application processes, unexpected fees, and academic jargon. We’ve also removed the hoops other programs make people jump through to get their credit, making it simple to collect what they’ve worked hard for. And through it all, learners have access to FREE coaching through edX to stay on track and reach their goals.

Featured Programs:

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Computer Science Fundamentals by NYUx

Learn the basics of computer programming and computer systems, including hardware, operating systems and computer networking.

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Information Technology Career Framework by WGUx

Build towards a career or advance in Information Technology with foundational skills in hardware, software, networks, security, and programming.

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Learn More About MicroBachelors Programs for Your Team

Get information sent directly to your inbox, or set up a time to speak to an edX For Business team member.

Learn More About MicroBachelors Programs for Your Team

Get information sent directly to your inbox, or set up a time to speak to an edX For Business team member.

Reimagine How Your Employees Learn

The MicroBachelors program from edX was tailored towards professionals and teams looking to up-skill or re-skill for the modern business landscape.

Relevant & Flexible

Across industries, building up competencies in IT Management, Computer Science, and Business allows workforces to be adaptable in the short-term to meet corporate needs, while also providing long-term career opportunities in growing fields. And with all modules 100% online and self-paced, teams can learn based on their schedules.


This is the real deal. Each MicroBachelors program is credit-bearing, not just credit “recommended” or “eligible” like others out there. When learners complete a program, they get the credit. Period. And since MicroBachelors programs are from respected colleges and universities, when your employees finish one you can trust that they took action in their personal growth, persisted through rigorous learning, and acquired skills that you value.

Coaching & Support

From start to finish, learners are never alone. We know that one of the keys to being successful in undergraduate-level programs is to have support along the way. That’s why we offer learners personal coaching to help them stay motivated and organized.


We are fundamentally changing who can access higher education. With no admissions, applications, or test scores required, all that’s needed is a desire to learn more. And at a groundbreaking price of $500-$1,500, working out to just $166 per credit, edX MicroBachelors programs are one of the most affordable employee learning programs that also come with college credit.

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