The Four Keys to Happiness at Work

Developing a state of happiness on the job doesn’t just benefit people as individuals; it also has real business implications. Research shows that happier employees are more committed to their organizations; rise to positions of leadership more rapidly; are more productive and creative; and suffer fewer health problems.

The experts at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) have compiled extensive research to help create happier workplaces in a Professional Certificate Program on The Science of Happiness at Work highlights four key pillars of employee satisfaction: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness—or PERK, as in to PERK up your happiness at work, or make happiness your company’s best PERK.

PERK is a flexible, integrated framework to help guide thinking about how to up the happiness quotient through individual exercises and activities, the development of key social skills, shifts in leadership style, organization-wide initiatives, and changes to company policy. 

Here are a few ways to learn more:

Workplace Training for Productivity and Happiness

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