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Susan Sherwin

Susan Sherwin
Susan is the Product Marketing Manager for edX For Business.

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14 Foundational Skills Teams Need for Success in the Digital Age

As part of its research for the new report "The New Foundational Skills for the Digital Economy", Burning Glass Technologies examined 150 million unique job postings in the United States. The results suggest that three inter-related categories of skill types (containing a total of 14 foundational skills) are the cornerstones upon which digital transformation takes place.x

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Soft Skills: What Every Manager Needs to Know

Trends in corporate eLearning in the age of Digital Transformation have been focused around the development of new technical skills as more and more jobs are lost to automation. While companies and workers have been scrambling to stay ahead of the technology curve in order to remain employable and competitive, recent surveys and research have shown that “soft skills” are just as important, if not more-so, to a company’s success. Soft skills have become today’s power skills.

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