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Becky Sacks

Becky Sacks
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3 Steps to Developing a Data-Savvy Workforce

A key challenge facing companies today isn’t the collection and management of customer data but, rather, its analysis. While technologies like Hadoop and Azure make it easier to collect large amounts of data from multiple customer touch points, much of this data’s potential is largely untapped. To keep up with the quantity of new information, companies need well-trained, analytics-savvy employees who can spot trends, identify inefficiencies, and create strategic action plans to put this rich customer information into use.

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12 Practical Tips to Elevate “Culture of Learning” in Your Corporate Environment

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 30% of the skills employees will need by 2020 are not considered crucial today. On-the-job training is officially required to keep pace with advancing technology. So, how do you foster a culture that values ongoing learning at a big company? 

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